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Share my laughs, experiences and faux pas as I explore some of Yorkshire's popular fishing venues. My day sessions are spent coarse fishing, and my night sessions hunting out specimen carp and catfish.
In my blog I'll comment on catches, report on the tremendous venues I visit, and share my adventures along the way. I hope you enjoy reading about my fishing trips.

Wishing you all the best for the 2015 season.


My latest fishing blog

Pool Bridge Farm - Horseshoe Lake

Back at Pool Bridge Farm with my friend Richard and his dad Ian for another go on Horseshoe Lake. The weather was pleasant to start with. A bit overcast and slightly cooler than recent weeks due to the heavy downpour the night before. Back in Leeds there were rivers running down streets it rained that hard and judging by the wet ground in York it seemed the water at Pool Bridge Farm would have been stirred up a little with similar rain storms. Hopefully not a bad thing. Fish tend to bathe and not eat as much when it's too warm. That's my experience anyway.

We arrived not long after the gates had opened, missing the usual rush to the so called better pegs. We hoped to take over the pegs around the back of the far island on Horseshoe Lake and as these aren't the most popular of pegs we managed to claim them. Since I've last been the lake looks to have been marked out with fewer, and very clear pegs offering some very generous swims ensuring people aren't fishing too close. The banks were nicely mowed too and with tree's in full bloom the lake was looking at its best. We took over pegs 11, 12, and 13 if memory serves me correctly. Fish were definitely in the swim. I was using 11mm Sonubait Oily Floaters although many of them seemed significantly smaller which wasn't a bad thing. I threw a couple of handfuls in and smaller fish were instantly chomping away, and then several carp started surfacing. We heard plenty of slurping whilst we got our gear set up. I had my Nash Dwarf's again but on narrow 10lb line with an 8lb hook length. Size 12 hook. The Dwarfs were extended and mounted on the bite alarms in seconds and I was fishing well before the other two. The rods were set up from a previous session with one using a standard 10inch rig, and the other popped up maybe three foot. I started the day like this much to my regret in an attempt to play with depths and try figure out exactly what was going on under the surface. Being popped up three foot on Pool Bridge Farms Horseshoe Lake puts you at roughly half depth with the lake between six and seven foot, with the odd deeper area's. I was watching carp on the surface and my rig was well under. I could have changed but I don't care too much if I catch or not. I go just as much to get outdoors and relax as I do to land fish. I decided to leave the surface fishing for Richard and his dad whilst I tried to land some bream, tench or carp lower in the water. I figured that the bigger carp in the lake wouldn't be on the top anyway. Not sure where my logic was in this because my pb on Horseshoe was a 14lb off of floating bread. I've seen 17 and 19lb's come off the bottom before though.

Richard was set up on a controller float fishing floating bread at a small cove under a tree, casting out to the island and then left slightly off of peg 12. Within 30mins he'd landed a carp to around 6-8lbs. He went on to land a further 17 fish after that, all on floating bread. His catch report read as mostly 2-3lb carp with a frying pan shaped bream and a couple of small roach. He missed three quarters of his strikes which frustrated him a touch but the fish were quite clever sucking the water around the bread rather than trying to take it fully into their mouths. My floating pellets were also drifting left into his swim keeping his and Ian's patch nicely fed up for surface fishing. Richard had a great day using the technique. The fish weren't huge and Richard isn't really into his match fishing but he'd have placed quite highly had he been competing. We did wonder if surface fishing was allowed in club and open matches though. We'd gone to Pool Bridge Farm the day after the Saturday Fish-O-Mania and I know it wasn't allowed there.

Ian used similar techniques to Richard but using dog biscuit's, moving onto some of my "fish repellent" pellets as he called them, (nothing to do with his technique) and eventually started on the Warburtons. Ian was landing the same fish as Richard on the bread but in far fewer numbers. He started to roll the bread into balls and sink them under the surface to try get more bites. In theory the presentation was a good idea but the carp weren't playing. He had a couple of 3-5lb carp and a couple of small silver roach. Ian was quite prolific at catching the tree opposite but we weren't counting these. He lost a controller float to the bush much to all our amusement. Ian was having the same frustrating time as Richard with fish not fully taking the bait from the top so although he had many close calls, he didn't manage to strike regularly enough to get a good haul.

My day at Pool Bridge Farm was a mixed bag. The pellets were working and I got a 2lb roach that I was happy with and a couple of smaller carp to around 3lb. They looked great with no marks, torn mouths etc. I was also getting a few pulls on the alarms but nothing being on the end when I struck. I had some Sonubait Cheesy Garlic Dumbells left from another trip so I stuck one of these on the 10inch rig to fish on the bottom, with some garlic micro pellets pva bagged alongside. I went searching for the fish in my swim trying three or four different spots. At last my alarm started screaming and I hooked into a carp to around 8lb. It didn't put up much resistance so either the fish wasn't a fighter or the 9ft 3lb Nash Dwarfs for such small rods were making light work of landing this fish. Netted and put into Richards new carp cradle we took a couple of pictures then swiftly put the carp back into the water. Being honest I'd have hoped for more fish on Sunday but I'd gone set up badly. I adjusted a couple of hours before we packed up and floated pellets on the surface trying to nick a couple of bonus fish but as with Ian and Richard, the fish weren't taking. In fact the larger fish were stuck in Richards swim. I was getting a flurry of silvers nudging the pellets along with their noses. Think from now on I'm going to take a third lighter rod on all of my trips to try give me a few options. I like to pack light but it's never a bad thing having another set up when things aren't going your way.

Overall it was a great day despite a torrential downpour that caught me and Richard out. We had to sit under a tree for thirty minutes to escape the rain. The stables cafe produced some belting sandwiches as per usual to keep us going. The lake was nice and quiet. A bit of banter around the lake but never getting loud or rowdy. Nobody getting too close to other peoples swims. Definitely a better session than the one I endured a day earlier at Middleton. Think I'll be back at Pool Bridge Farm in September on Q-Lake fishing for some double figure carp and trying to land one of the new catfish that went in earlier this year.

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