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Welcome to my blog, reviewing commercial fisheries in Yorkshire.

Share my laughs, experiences and faux pas as I explore some of Yorkshire's popular fishing venues. My day sessions are spent coarse fishing, and my night sessions hunting out specimen carp and catfish.
In my blog I'll comment on catches, report on the tremendous venues I visit, and share my adventures along the way. I hope you enjoy reading about my fishing trips.

Wishing you all the best for the 2015 season.


My latest fishing blog

The Oaks - Firs Lake

Should I take the car or the boat today? An hours drive up the A1 to The Oaks Lakes at Sessay in Thirsk, not fun considering the ground was saturated with water and the motorways had turned to rivers.

We arrived around half seven and went on a scouting mission. I immediately spotted Willows Lake but upon walking around, saw a sign suggesting it was only fishable with a night ticket. Not sure whether we'd misunderstood and as the cafe wasn't open for us to ask, we carried on walking around. Settling upon Firs Lake in the far corner, we set up under a heavy rain storm. I fished one rod on the bottom just out to my right by the long grass using a maggot clip, and another rod 15 yards out on a pop up boilie. An hour in I had a run and pulled in a 4lb carp. It didn't struggle much and spat out the hook in the net which made returning him to the water a short task. My maggot clip had been receiving a lot of attention too but I think that had a lot to do with the small fish being drawn in by the free offerings around it. After an hour I pulled the rod in and using a float, copied Richards tactics and fished balled up bread a foot under the surface. After enduring the relentless monsoon for half an hour the float went under. Whoops... Should have paid more attention. Lucky for me it went under a couple more times in the next five minutes and I hooked into a nice tench. Not the biggest, and not as green as I'm used to either but nether the less, a nice fish. I had a couple more silvers but called it a day very early indeed. Richard had been very successful on the pole too, bread pulling in several tench and silvers, all of decent size. He had a carp in the cradle to around 5lb. It was the moment a carp started taking elastic, a moment I live for, gets me really excited seeing the bright band pull from the end of the pole, and then subsequently went on to snap him off, that we'd decided we'd had enough and packed up, still under monsoon conditions.

I don't know what to make of The Oaks Lakes at Sessay. The fish were feeding and as we all go fishing to catch, that's a very important box ticked. In dry conditions it would have been a lot better, but in the rain, whenever you put something on the ground, you picked it back up covered in mud and grit. It's going to take a while for me to clean my reels. I also struggled getting any bank sticks into the hard ground. For me the lakes didn't get me excited. Although a good complex, I found the pegs too close together although they were plentiful so there's no need for someone to come sit right next to you. I also found the lakes with the exception of Willows, very plain. It's clearly focused on match angling and although I like a bit of coarse fishing for smaller species, I like features to fish to. It just wasn't my cup of tea. That said, as we left the car park was packed and possibly a hundred anglers on site. I'm sure these guys are regulars so for a keen match angler I'm sure it's a totally different proposition.

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