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Welcome to my blog, reviewing commercial fisheries in Yorkshire.

Share my laughs, experiences and faux pas as I explore some of Yorkshire's popular fishing venues. My day sessions are spent coarse fishing, and my night sessions hunting out specimen carp and catfish.
In my blog I'll comment on catches, report on the tremendous venues I visit, and share my adventures along the way. I hope you enjoy reading about my fishing trips.

Wishing you all the best for the 2015 season.


My latest fishing blog

Pool Bridge Farm - Carp Lake

Todays trip took me back to the carp lake at Pool Bridge Farm near York. It's a regular hunting ground, but conditions were looking difficult so we didn't know how the day was going to pan out. Out with Richard again, we arrived at Pool Bridge Farm just before the gates were opened. First ones there which on a Saturday in April was surprising as it's normally a busy venue. We pulled round the side of the cafe and unloaded, targeting the tree coming out of the water on the right hand side of the carp lake as you approach it.

My rods were straight in the water, one on a pop up Sonubait Oily Pellet oozing a red mist into the green water. The other sat on the bottom using a Nash 15mm Coconut Creme linked to a small PVA bag of matching bait. It was a slow morning, although I had three very brief runs that had stopped before I could put a hand on the rods. Fish appeared to be in the area but weren't taking the bait fully. I wouldn't describe it as frustrating, but it left me wanting a fish and itching with anticipation. Surely I wasn't going to blank today. Shortly afterwards the heavens opened. Richard and myself hiding under brollies that after an hour started to give in and seep water through. Richard went off to buy the butties and came back to find me adjusting my rig under the brollie. "You caught one" he asked with resentment written all over his face. "Sure have" I replied. "About 8lbs it was." He nearly threw the sausage and tom sandwich over me. Kept it a secret for most of the day to get under his skin but I hadn't. Hadn't seen a fish top all morning with the rain killing any chance we had of catching.

The weather brightened up around 3pm which coincided with a dramatic turn of events. We'd been throwing slightly damp but floating micro pellets into the water initially to try get the fish to show on the surface, but had inadvertently fed a swim up on the bend as the wind blew the bait along. We carried on despite seeing no results to keep the ducks away. It's not something we'd condone on a busy lake but as we had it to ourselves we saw no harm. At 3pm warm beams of sunlight landed on the lake and the carp suddenly started circling, that amazing slurping noise almost deafening. We grabbed a float rod from the car and started casting with bread. What started as a difficult day on a wet lake was turning into the best game of hook a duck "carp" we've ever played. We kept going at this with myself landing 7 and Richard landing about the same. All the fish were around 6-8lb with a mix of commons and mirrors. There were some beautiful looking ghosties we were trying to target but they were getting pushed out of the way by greedier fish. I'd land a couple, give Richard the rod for a couple and swap back and forth. Whilst this was going on Richards alarm went off and he pulled in a 2lb ide that had eyes bigger than its belly, wolfing down a fluro op up.

Having to be off site by 6pm we started packing down. It had been a great end to a day at Pool Bridge Farm. Food great again, fishing excellent once it switched on. We left York and headed back to Leeds, already talking about and itching to get out on another session. Fishing really is addictive for me. Days like this feed that addiction and pull me in even more. Just need to find a bit more variety in my fish, with the aim of a ghostie, an orange or koi coloured carp and another over 20lb the targets. Hope to be back at Pool Bridge Farm in the coming weeks so I can start taking advantage of my underused Q-Lake membership.

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