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Welcome to my blog, reviewing commercial fisheries in Yorkshire.

Share my laughs, experiences and faux pas as I explore some of Yorkshire's popular fishing venues. My day sessions are spent coarse fishing, and my night sessions hunting out specimen carp and catfish.
In my blog I'll comment on catches, report on the tremendous venues I visit, and share my adventures along the way. I hope you enjoy reading about my fishing trips.

Wishing you all the best for the 2015 season.


My latest fishing blog

Raker Lakes - Heron Pond

25th February 2015, and my fishing season has begun. A trip back to Raker Lakes in York for a bit of a shake down, trying to remind myself of the best techniques to employ in order to empty the lake of its fish. A nice warm day in North Yorkshire. No rain, no wind, lovely warm beams from the sun taking the edge off what should have been a cold day.

Richard and myself are back on Heron Pond where we had success a few months earlier. Knowing today would be a tough one we opted for Raker Lakes because it fishes well and usually produces. Both opting for the furthest bank from the car park, I'm closing off a two meter channel between an island and the banking, laying a thin trail of pellets and chopped boilies between the two. making it difficult for any carp to get around the island without stumbling on the bait. The only way to avoid the trap being to surface in the shallow water. Even if the fish avoided the bait in this way, it shows me they're active in that area which is a positive in this cold weather. Richard has opted to sit five meters away casting out towards a gap in two smaller islands. It's a spot where carp surfaced on our last visit but only armed with a pole, he was unable to get out far enough to them. This time Richard was targeting the carp using balled up bread sunk a couple of foot under a stick float.

My tactic involved a Sonubait Oozing Oily Floater being popped up about four inches from the bottom. These floaters are a boilie textured dumbbell that look interesting when dry, but become real bright in colour as the oils start to leak out of them when wet. I threw a couple in every few hours to try bring carp to the surface and as the floaters drifted on the surface, you could see quite visibly an oil slick following behind. I opted for strawberry this time, bright red in colour, purely down to the shop being sold out of other flavours, but my friend Chris had bagged up at Pool Bridge Farm down the road a few months earlier on a yellow Cheesy Garlic flavour. 11:30 and pandemonium occurred. Sheer panic and giddyness on top of the water as I scrambled for the rod, carp doing a tango underneath the surface bolting off one way and then back again. With a few snagging opportunities avoided, the fish was quickly recovering in the carp cradle. Only 4lb but my first of the session and a welcome catch. I'd catch two more using the same technique during the day, another to around 4lb and a carp near 6lb. All mirrors.

After being plagued by silvers too small to take his bait, and after seeing my success, Richard changed set up and went on the bottom. He went with a size 12 hook compared to my 10, and a smaller fluro yellow dumbbell at around 10mm from DNA I believe. It only took half an hour and he was into the fish. He was casting the hook bait out with a small pva mesh bag attached each time. Three, possibly four carp landed all between 4-6lb. One was extremely long, however lacked any real weight. Odd shaped carp.

I'd joined Richard in open waters to try get into some larger fish however nothing really happened. We both had some runs that came to nothing during the day, and having missed another fish we decided to pack up around 4pm.

Highlight for today was definitely the weasel we spotted around the lake. I've never seen one before and they looked amazing. Lovely two tone caramel over white colour. It spent ten minutes zig zagging around the wooded area behind us. We tried feeding it to slow it down while we took photos but it was too wise and far too quick. Just before we left we went for a look at the specimen lake. We've never fished the lake and having had a walk around, think I've been missing out. The lake looked great with plenty of features. Think I'll definitely be back at Raker Lakes in the next couple of months to see what's lurking its depths. Driving home and we're already discussing dates for our next outing. I'd been itching to go fishing all winter but having had another taste, I realised quite how addictive fishing actually is, and always was to be fair. Love the sport, hobby, past time, whatever you care to class it as.

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