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Welcome to my blog, reviewing commercial fisheries in Yorkshire.

Share my laughs, experiences and faux pas as I explore some of Yorkshire's popular fishing venues. My day sessions are spent coarse fishing, and my night sessions hunting out specimen carp and catfish.
In my blog I'll comment on catches, report on the tremendous venues I visit, and share my adventures along the way. I hope you enjoy reading about my fishing trips.

Wishing you all the best for the 2015 season.


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Spring End Farm - Old Pond

Not quite what I'd expected.

I'd grown up living a couple of miles away from this venue. Never fished it before, and never really heard great stories about the place from others. This pond is situated behind a travellers camp which is enough to put anyone off, however the travellers were neither seen nor heard and you couldn't see them because the ponds were situated far away with a good field or two dividing them. There's nothing to say they'd have been a bother anyway. The lake also had a reputation where it was a small lake where people sit on each others laps fighting over swims. Maybe the summer months might be a bit challenging but certainly at this time of year, and bearing in mind it was a Monday morning, myself and Richard were the only ones here. I cannot give an honest account of summer sessions but can confirm getting a swim to myself wasn't an issue. I believe the opening of the second pond will end any overcrowding if it ever was a problem.

We went for a walk around the old pond, and then also the new pond which we heard had opened earlier this year. Both stock standard coarse fish with single and low double carp. The old pond apparently has a 24lb carp lurking the depths so we opted for this pond. I've never seen any evidence or photo's that it exists but who am I to judge. If the pond on Scotchman Lane can hold one, then this pond which seems a bit larger should be able to. Again, if it's getting overfished during previous summers, it's helping grow on the carp and fair play for the owner not catching and selling it as some may be tempted to.

We set up with a rod on the bottom each, myself going with a popped up halibut boilie from the Dynamite Bait range. Richard used a pink wafter but the brand although popular escapes me at the time of writing. We shared a pint of maggots on pole as our second rods. We pulled silvers in all morning. Never particularly big and Richard using a very delicate set up seemed to catch a fair share of sticklebacks too. Surprised us and he had fun unhooking them. Not our regular target fish. We spend around five hours in total before packing up. We could have caught more silvers but knowing the variety wouldn't change and knowing before we even cast in that carp were unlikely there seemed little point staying any longer. The weather was grim and getting colder by the hour.

Overall view of today. Lake nicer than I'd heard it was and probably fishes its nuts off in warmer weather. Impressed with the new lake. Owner seemed really nice and was happy to chat and share his tactics. Portaloo wants burning I think was my only negative! I'll definitely pop back early next year for a cheeky few hours but for full day sessions I'd probably travel further afield.

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