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Welcome to my blog, reviewing commercial fisheries in Yorkshire.

Share my laughs, experiences and faux pas as I explore some of Yorkshire's popular fishing venues. My day sessions are spent coarse fishing, and my night sessions hunting out specimen carp and catfish.
In my blog I'll comment on catches, report on the tremendous venues I visit, and share my adventures along the way. I hope you enjoy reading about my fishing trips.

Wishing you all the best for the 2015 season.


My latest fishing blog

Emmotland Ponds - Lake 2 Peg 3b

I had itchy feet again and after catching last time I had to pay Emmotland Ponds and specifically lake 2 peg 3b another visit. It looks "fishy" as my mate Richard always says and having had a slow summer with few large carp being landed I wanted the opportunity to catch up.

I booked onto peg 3a which gave me Stalkers Corner and we booked Richard onto peg 4 round the other side of the lake. This ensured nobody had any reason to be stalking in our corner of the lake because occasionally anglers with no manners or courtesy try push their luck in other peoples pegs. I set up a one man bivvy on peg 3a making it visible that someone was fishing that corner, and then myself and Richard dropped down into peg 4b, which as mentioned before is a non-recognised peg nowadays, with all our carp gear. We shared a double bivvy and there was plenty of space to manoeuvre around. One thing had changed since my last session in 4b. The little path that dropped down to the peg had completely overgrown and a couple of trees look to have been chopped down into smaller chunks and also placed to cover off the entrance. Made dragging the bed chairs and heavier gear a bit challenging.

Bivvy up, food and bedding inside, we started building up the rods. I had my 9ft Dwarfs again pre-set up so I had an easy start. Whilst Richard got his rods together I jumped into the water to remove a broken branch that had dropped off and was obstructing a nice clear spot off of the edge of the entrance to Stalkers Corner. Whilst in there I walked Richards bait out and placed it on the lake bed as best I could. I couldn't feel the bottom but had there been any weed I'd have felt that. He used the bait boat thereafter but whilst wet I may as well help him get the perfect spot. I placed my rods just inside the bay trying to intercept passing carp and cats. We were both popped up on this session aware of the weeds hiding our hook bait. We spent the rest of the afternoon scoffing food and watching the odd carp and pike cruise past but showing little interest in the bait. It got dark reasonably early so we went to bed around 9pm to read magazines and try get some shut eye.

During the night I had a couple of runs but no fish by the time I'd struck. I'm putting it down to some moor hens in the area rather than fish. The only other notable event was being woken to see Richard walking out of the tent in his boxers and trainers. A sexy sight. He should get a job as a calendar model. The session was pretty uneventful. It had all the indicators for a good session and new to this particular peg, it's one that in nice warm weather myself and Richard will be trying again. Fish were visible, we've seen something nearing a 30lb cruise past this spot in the past, and it comes to such a narrow opening that anything leaving the bay has to travel over your bait. It's near impossible for it to avoid spotting it. Think next time I'm here I'll be back on Jamie's Active Bait Nutty Jaffa's because I'm running out of idea's and I've had this bait work before.

As always a nice fishery, a cracking 24hours. Just needed a fish or two.

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