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Share my laughs, experiences and faux pas as I explore some of Yorkshire's popular fishing venues. My day sessions are spent coarse fishing, and my night sessions hunting out specimen carp and catfish.
In my blog I'll comment on catches, report on the tremendous venues I visit, and share my adventures along the way. I hope you enjoy reading about my fishing trips.

Wishing you all the best for the 2015 season.


My latest fishing blog

Emmotland Ponds - Lake 3

Back to Emmotland Ponds for another go at some specimen carp and catfish. We're taking on lake three this time and I'm accompanied this dreary September weekend by my mate Chris and Richards dad Ian.

We completed a 48hr session on this lake a couple of years ago. From memory I reeled in my token jack pike, Richard and Ian blanked after losing fish out in the middle, and Chris somehow managed to sleep through two separate screaming runs in the middle of the night. Chris was furious with himself at the time and it still eats away at him to this day. Emmotland Ponds isn't a happy hunting ground for Chris and he's desperate for a bit of revenge.

We arrived at the fishery, got the keys to the cabin from Jamie at the on-site bait shop and went down to lake three. We took scouting out the lake very seriously this time, knowing what had previously been good areas to target, however the pond weed was featuring heavily in mid-September and we had our work cut out trying to find a decent clear spot with a reasonably clear path back to the bank. There's no point catching a large carp in a clear spot on the far side if you have to drag it and fight it every last foot through thick vegetation. After clambering up trees, getting the Polaroid glasses on, looking at movement in the water and considering how the wind was hitting the lake we set up camp. Chris was 100 yards from the cabin on the end of the island but due to the weed, he ignored the island where his two runs occurred previously and targeted a clear spot on the edge of a bay which can normally be fished from on the far side. On the wood chipped banking further down I set up camp targeting a clear area just off of an island that had been created by thick pond weed. I was hoping fish would be holding up within the underwater stalks and plants waiting to come out as the evening closed in. Ian was a further 50 yards up from myself fishing over to the left into open water. We'd spotted movement and fish belly flopping in this area so it seemed a good target area.

I fished a mix of 20mm halibut pellets I'd bought from Bobco with some marine halibut 15mm boilies. I had one floating boilie around 5ft off the bottom to try keep clear of the weed and one sinking boilie cast in and left to settle almost where it entered the water, pva bag full of loose boilies being dragged under by the lead. The third rod was cast out with the halibut pellet hoping to land a big catfish. I'd covered an area 10 meters wide by 5 meters deep hoping to intercept any passing victims. Ian set out with some white coconut boilies, again some floating and some sinking trying to mix his tactics and push the odds in his favour. Chris went with an offering of Robin Red boilies and pre-soaked robin red pellets that would dye his hands.

The first afternoon consisted of us taking turns in a stalking area at the far end of the lake. Chris had wondered up and there were 20-30 carp basking on the surface during a brief spell of warm sunshine. We set up one of the spare dwarf rods on a float and tried a mix of floating dog biscuits, boilies and wafters. The fish were interested but appeared very cunning, trying to swim hard at the hook bait and turning to create a current that would move all the loose offerings away to be swept up safely. The wind also helped drift the loose bait away into a corner. We tried to pre-empt and outfox the fish but as we cast into the space the bait would drift to, the fish would just dive for cover. Incredibly exciting but amazingly frustrating at the same time!

Throughout the weekend we had a handful of bursts on the bite alarms but they led to nothing and the odd one may have been attributed to the swans on the lake being too curious for their own good. We all managed to blank which we half expect every time we come here. It's not an easy complex to catch on. The weather on the second day certainly didn't help. Still, the weekend was a fun one and a good way to relax.

The cabin on lake three was in remarkably good condition. I honestly expected after three years of use it would be looking terrible now but it was clean, all the appliances were perfectly useable and the portable heater helped to dry my socks a couple of times.There is a kettle, CLEAN microwave on site, I say clean because it was genuinely clean and puts the one at my work to shame. There was also a fridge, tv and toilet. I always remembered there being shower however I was clearly imagining things. The only shower is at the main toilet block.

The lake was too overgrown with vegetation on this visit making life difficult. Not sure how this could be resolved and what treatments are available, although the owners may prefer this giving the fish more hiding places and spaces in the middle of the lake to move towards. The water flies were also a pain this weekend. At one point I emptied my bivvy and emptied half a can of fly spray. You wouldn't have wanted to light a cig in there for a few hours.

A good trip and I'm sure I'll be back again. Might try get on earlier next year while the weather is warm but the plants are still in early season. The fish are just too tempting, including the resident 46lb carp that many an angler and carp magazine try target.

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