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Welcome to my blog, reviewing commercial fisheries in Yorkshire.

Share my laughs, experiences and faux pas as I explore some of Yorkshire's popular fishing venues. My day sessions are spent coarse fishing, and my night sessions hunting out specimen carp and catfish.
In my blog I'll comment on catches, report on the tremendous venues I visit, and share my adventures along the way. I hope you enjoy reading about my fishing trips.

Wishing you all the best for the 2015 season.


My latest fishing blog

Ayia Napa - Cyprus

I've just returned from Ayia Napa in southern Cyprus and wanted to tell you all about my adventures carp fishing or sea fishing however it failed to materialise this year. I'd sent two or three emails in the couple of months prior to departure hoping to try some carp fishing however my emails went un-answered. The company were offering to take anglers to certain dams for a day, accompanied by an English speaking experienced angler where you could gamble on fewer but larger carp, or go for the fish a chuck on lower single figure carp. They purchased your permit, all the gear, lunch and transport for a very reasonable 35 euro's. Nobody could point me to the angling shop when in resort so I dropped that idea. Instead I tried sea fishing however everyone refused to take single or small groups of anglers out, and they could only take my name and number in case I could join a larger group if one materialised. Disappointing!

However, the year before I travelled out and tied the knot having a tremendous wedding at Nissi Beach Hotel. As I was getting wed I had quite a few friends out with me including Chris that I often talk about, and my best man Gough too. I went to the harbour two days prior to their arrival and booked us in with a chap. It was around 30 euro's each and they'd take us out for around 90mins fishing for small fish a mile or two out from the harbour. I could have gone for game fishing at around 100 euro's each however without having Chris and Gough there I couldn't commit them to that much money.

A few days later we were meeting in the reception of my hotel around 07:00, got a taxi to the harbour and met the guy I'd booked with. He was playing with his new toy, a huge vessel that he intended using for pleasure cruises and fishing for very large groups. This 250k+ euro machine was brand new and he'd yet to take it on a proper trip so he passed us on to his son who'd take us out in a smaller fishing vessel. It was a fast boat and could take up to 8 passengers. We motored out of the harbour, front end of the boat pointing at the sky while the back end of the boat buried its self in the sea. Several minutes later the boat slowed, turned back to face land and we started a very slow drift, tiny waves lapping up against the sides.

We were handed some short, what looked like fibreglass or plastic rods. The end tackle was a really small weight to make the line fall slowly from the reel, and then a size 14 hook followed by another size 14 hook about a foot further down. Bait was small chunks of raw chicken. We dropped rather than cast the weight and watched the line pull from the reel slowly and when it stopped pulling, indicating we were on the sea bed, we locked the bail arm, gave the rod a small lift and reeled in just a few times to get the last hook up off of the sand. We then waited for small pulls on the rod, and were told to reel in and re-drop every five minutes or so if nothing happened. Nothing happened for 30 minutes so we started the boat up and moved position 30 seconds further along. Myself and Chris started to get the odd Mouse Fish which were unhooked and put in a tub at the back of the boat. I assume the guide would pass them on to a restaurant if they are indeed edible or would use them as bait for a game fishing trip. We were also coming across Parrot Fish. These were tiny green fish, slightly square looking. The guide removed these for us using a glove and would squash them between his thumbs to kill them before throwing them back. Apparently they are invasive and kill plant life and smaller fish.

We carried on for another half hour at which point I took a turn for the worse. I spewed. Apparently it's very common so I didn't feel embarrassed and having felt bad for 15 minutes prior, I actually felt better for doing it. Chris also reaped the benefits because I managed to feed up a swim that we drifted over. At this point Chris felt a bigger than usual tug on the rod. He played the fish for a minute or so and landed a larger Parrot Fish. The fish looked really nice with great colourings (image on my twitter account) however it also met its death. The guide took the fish that Chris was admiring, put a serrated knife straight through it and whilst embedded, gave it a good twist. Game over for that fish and back in the water it went. Gough doesn't usually go fishing and the gory way this happened shocked him. In fact I cringed. I see why it had to happen but it wasn't particularly pleasant. We carried on for our final 30 minutes then went back to the harbour. The guide was a cracking lad, spoke plenty of English and turned out to be a motorbike and drifting fan with an exciting history and many scars from racing so we had plenty to chat about. He knew his stuff, kept us safe and was polite throughout. I'd provide their business name but it was a year ago so have since forgotten. Back to our hotels to refill my stomach and meet my family who'd flown out overnight. Felt so rude not being there to meet them when they went to breakfast but they understand fishing comes first.

Overall thoughts. Nissi Beach Hotel and Rondavel, great place for a wedding.
Centre of Ayia Napa for a night out, bit of a dump, full of 18-30's who can't handle their drink and too many PR's. (I must be getting old!)
The harbour. Not the prettiest. Lots of older boats that don't appeal to me. Reps that pester you and are slightly rude. Plenty of party boats for all your drunken sex games.
I had a good little fishing trip last year but for anyone going out, unless you're there with friends to make a group, you'll probably be staying on land. I offered one company to pay double the normal rate this year to be taken out as I was on my own and wanted to go, but they wouldn't entertain the idea.

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