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Mushroom Ponds - South Milford

Access via Woodlands Lane 'off High Street, South Milford, 01977 684693

Course fishing £6 for one rod, £7 for two.

Mushroom Ponds is a course fishery situated in South Milford. You enter the venue on a track above the ponds and perform a u-turn droping down next to the water. The first pond on the complex is round with an island in the centre, shaped like a mushroom. I believe the water from this pond can flow into the others via a small outlet so small fish can travel to other ponds and the bigger fish can come in. Next to the round pond are two rectangular ponds, divided by an island in the middle, however work has been undertaken to add bridges to either side of the island and earth removed joining the two ponds together. The ponds contains the usual coarse fish, and we landed some pretty large silvers on our session here. Carp are also present, the largest of which tend to be caught at the far end of the venue, so maybe there's a drop off or feature here to be discovered.

Earnies reviews of Mushroom Ponds;

Mushroom Ponds

I created my website to generate a good reference point for anglers to use where they haven't tried a certain venue before. Mushroom Ponds is a prime example of why the website should prove useful. Trying to research the venue before going proved exceptionally difficult with limited data online within forums or old magazine reviews.

6am start on Sunday morning. Venue this week, Mushroom Ponds at South Milford, not too far from the exit of M62 where the motorway goes passed the cooling towers of the power station near Castleford. Follow the sat-nav to the letter and you won't go wrong, and as you enter the beaten track to the ponds, stay straight. I turned left into a driveway and it was awkward turning round.

I fished the right of the island between the two main ponds on the bank nearest the road. My friend Chris fished the left. As Chris was pole fishing, I decided to go for the smaller carp using fairly small wafters and a crushed boilie / pellet mix of Active Baits Nutty Jaffa I blocked the passage off between the island and the bank with one rod, and cast another out 8ft into deeper water. Each swim I fed with two fistfuls of pellets every 30mins timed on my phone. Within 20mins I'd had a run but as I went for the rod the run stopped and the fish had gone. I had a couple of short bursts on the alarms throughout the day but that was as much action as I got on the rods over a seven hour period.

Chris was having better look. He was out not quite half distance fishing double maggot with additional sweetcorn and maggots thrown in in small numbers fairly regularly to feed his swim up. After a couple of hours the elastic appeared and the fish went for a short run. Chris brought it in quickly. Approx 2lb Roach. Quite an impressive fish. An hour later he did it again. We were wondering if it was the same fish. As he went to remove the hook the fish did something that neither of us have seen in over four years of fishing. The fish projectile vomited all over Chris, his peg and effectively fed up another swim by his feet. The amount of maggots it threw out suggested it had been feeding on the bottom for a lengthy period of time. Chris stuck to his guns and stayed in the same spot. He had a small roach, a 1.5lb roach, a 3lb bream that looked as if it had been battling with another fish and managed to lose another two, one he saw was a carp nearing 3lb and one of which could have been a carp bordering a double judging by the way the elastic stretched so fast.

I blanked today but did so knowing we'd set out as a team to try explore the lake as much as possible in an attempt to gain as much shared knowledge one the venue. Chris' fish were impressive and the lack of smaller fish suggests the larger ones are doing well at this venue. It's nice not having to battle through the smaller stuff. I know I'd be happy with two 2lb roach in a day.

Regards the venue. It's a middle spec of pond. Not quite a Pool Bridge or a Raker Lake if you want somewhere to use as a reference, but definitely not a shabby little pond either. Pegs are all marked, parking behind pegs, couldn't see any toilets but that's not to say there aren't any, and it's quite open so going against a bush isn't really an option. The lady collecting the money seemed nice. Fishing is dawn to dusk rather than a specific time. If it's daylight you can get on and start fishing. Think it's a cracking little venue and should do really well in the summer. As mentioned before, we were really impressed with the standard and size of the coarse fish.