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Hillcrest Farm Fisheries - Morley

Access via Scotchman Lane, Morley, behind Needless Pub

Course fishing £6.

Hillcrest Farm Fisheries is a course pond situated behind the Needless Pub at the bottom of Scotchman Lane. You enter the venue on a dirt track which leads down to a car park adjacent to the pond. It is a matter of meters to the lake so you won't struggle carrying your gear. The pond is almost triangular in shape with decent room behind most pegs in case you want to set a bivvy up. The pond is stocked with the usual course fish and is home to some large carp. A 20lb+ was landed in 2013 with some 17lb carp coming out around the same time. These were genuinely large. The photo's have appeared on facebook and back up the claim. Surprising that fish can grow to this size in a small pond but the popularity of the pond and therefore the amount of bait that must be going in will help the fish to grow on. I find the venue to be overfished so I'd suggest try visit midweek or winter weekends when most people are at work or school or won't brave the cold. In the summer it looks crowded. On my visit everyone seemed friendly, showing good bankside etiquette so not to spoil the day for other anglers like they tend to do on other lakes. This venue has no toilet facilities and the owner collects money on the bank.

Earnies reviews of Hillcrest Farm Fisheries;

Hillcrest Fishery

A visit to a local pond for myself today. Hillcrest Fishery otherwise known as Needless Pond down Scotchman lane in Morley. I had the day off due to an early morning appointment and as my friend didn't start work until 4pm we decided to pop down for a few hours to pass the time. IPhone weather says sunny until about 2pm at which point there's a 50 percent chance of rain. I can confirm to Apple that their app is drawing it's data from an unreliable source because at 10am it was chucking it down. Rods out and ourselves hiding under brollies, watching the nice firm ground suddenly turn into a boggy mess.

The pond looked featureless however we know that a island does develop in the right angle of the triangular pond during the warmer months so Richard cast in that direction. I went looking for deep water in the middle of the lake on one rod, and with the other, dropped it out to the right of my peg to the remains of a tree that had been cut down, branching out into the water hoping to find a fish or two holding up there. Having been encouraged by the showing of carp last week at Raker Lakes we felt we could chase the carp at Hillcrest Fishery. The temperature wasn't too different to that of last week and we felt that with the same sort of baits, we'd be in with a chance. It's a small pond but packed with fish so shouldn't be too hard to find them. How wrong we were!

We weren't sure if it was the overnight frost, the four hour downpour or the venue simply not switching on yet this early in the year. Whatever the reason, having taken two steps forward in York last week, we'd taken a step back at Hillcrest Fishery in Morley this week. It can't really be a reflection of the fishery. We only gave it four hours of our time on this visit, and nobody is going to catch huge numbers of fish in cold wet weather this early in the year. We'll probably re-visit the lake once it warms up because it's two years on the trot I've tried to review Hillcrest Fishery in poor conditions. I actually want to night fish it but not sure if we'd be allowed. Shall ask later in the year.