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Emmotland Ponds

Websites: www.emmotlandponds.co.uk
Emmotland Fishing Pond/Langholme Hill Fishery, Emmotland, North Frodingham, Driffield YO25 8JS, 01262 488226.

Prices vary for each lake, with further adjustments in colder months. Check Emmotland website for latest pricing.

Emmotland Ponds is a four lake fishery based near North Froddingham not far from Driffield. The complex is designed to help you target specimen carp and catfish with a good mix of lake and swim designs. You will find pike and some silvers in the lake however they certainly do not run the lake. Carp feature heavily here and when the conditions are right, show in the shallows and in the various bays and coves. Please take care to close gates etc. A great deal of care and expense has been invested into otter fencing at this venue.

Lake One is on your left as you enter the complex. If you need help booking pegs next to each other ask when you reserve the pegs. Peg 1 and 2 are at opposite ends of the lake in small bays. There are many good catch reports on peg 1 and a lot of photo's I've seen have a peg 2 backdrop. Fish are clearly visible in these area's. The pegs along the driveway have deeper water to fish into and are popular for group bookings on Lake 1.

Lake Two is a similar set up to lake One with good sized pegs dug out of deep banks. Peg 1 is a good double peg on which I've landed a 15lb catfish and witnessed some sizeable carp come out. Peg two casts to the centre of the lake and I've had and lost some epic battles casting worms on a maggot clip to the centre of the lake. Peg 3 is shallow close in but carp can be landed on the left hand margin or to the right beyond the overhanging tree. Peg 3a comes with a separate stalking bay that can be very overgrown in the latter stages of the year. The main swim for 3a covers a corner of the lake and the entrance to a narrow bay, useful when trying to intercept passing carp swimming into the bay. Peg 4 casts into an open area. There is an overhanging tree to the right however nobody seems to mention any catches off of this peg. I've had an epic battle on 4a. Large halibut pellet out near the middle. What felt like a whale dragging it along under the surface. God knows what I hooked into on my first ever session here but its a moment I won't forget in a long time. Could have been a 60-70lb cat. It took the bait and sat down on the lake bed. After a minute it went for a stroll. Sat down again. Got up again. It did what it wanted. I did what I was told. Eventually it broke off. I was powerless to bring this fish in. Close in on 4a looks tempting but nothing really happens so find a clear spot to aim for and cast far into the centre. Peg 5, 30ft out slightly to the right seems like a good place, or the far opposite bank. Bait boat out to the long grass and dump your bait on the edge of it waiting for the fish to leave the safety of the lush vegetation. You won't reach the grass by casting alone.

Lake Three comes with a cabin, no designated pegs, and the complex's largest carp weighing in between 42-46lb. This is a target fish and magazines, tv shoots etc take place here. It's good for long sessions, regular catches and offers standard fishing or stalking at the far end which I guarantee is well worth a go. This lakes lay out is more like a commercial carp lake with open banking and the ability to walk around following the fish, but unlike normal complexes, it has bonus fish with several carp into the thirties and many large cat fish.

Lake Four has been re-shaped and re-stocked after a brutal winter a few years ago killing off a large stock of silvers removed from the other lakes. It's now aimed at specimen carp with three or four clearly marked pegs, and the ability to wonder off down bankings and into margins. I caught my first 20lb carp at the far end fishing close to a small island that grows out of the water in the summer months. Another hot spot is fishing on the left of the two clearly marked pegs in the middle of the lake, and casing to the right of the island on the far bank, and walking round to throw loose feed in by hand.

Earnies reviews of Emmotland Ponds;

Emmotland Ponds - Lake 2 Peg 3b

I had itchy feet again and after catching last time I had to pay Emmotland Ponds and specifically lake 2 peg 3b another visit. It looks "fishy" as my mate Richard always says and having had a slow summer with few large carp being landed I wanted the opportunity to catch up.

I booked onto peg 3a which gave me Stalkers Corner and we booked Richard onto peg 4 round the other side of the lake. This ensured nobody had any reason to be stalking in our corner of the lake because occasionally anglers with no manners or courtesy try push their luck in other peoples pegs. I set up a one man bivvy on peg 3a making it visible that someone was fishing that corner, and then myself and Richard dropped down into peg 4b, which as mentioned before is a non-recognised peg nowadays, with all our carp gear. We shared a double bivvy and there was plenty of space to manoeuvre around. One thing had changed since my last session in 4b. The little path that dropped down to the peg had completely overgrown and a couple of trees look to have been chopped down into smaller chunks and also placed to cover off the entrance. Made dragging the bed chairs and heavier gear a bit challenging.

Bivvy up, food and bedding inside, we started building up the rods. I had my 9ft Dwarfs again pre-set up so I had an easy start. Whilst Richard got his rods together I jumped into the water to remove a broken branch that had dropped off and was obstructing a nice clear spot off of the edge of the entrance to Stalkers Corner. Whilst in there I walked Richards bait out and placed it on the lake bed as best I could. I couldn't feel the bottom but had there been any weed I'd have felt that. He used the bait boat thereafter but whilst wet I may as well help him get the perfect spot. I placed my rods just inside the bay trying to intercept passing carp and cats. We were both popped up on this session aware of the weeds hiding our hook bait. We spent the rest of the afternoon scoffing food and watching the odd carp and pike cruise past but showing little interest in the bait. It got dark reasonably early so we went to bed around 9pm to read magazines and try get some shut eye.

During the night I had a couple of runs but no fish by the time I'd struck. I'm putting it down to some moor hens in the area rather than fish. The only other notable event was being woken to see Richard walking out of the tent in his boxers and trainers. A sexy sight. He should get a job as a calendar model. The session was pretty uneventful. It had all the indicators for a good session and new to this particular peg, it's one that in nice warm weather myself and Richard will be trying again. Fish were visible, we've seen something nearing a 30lb cruise past this spot in the past, and it comes to such a narrow opening that anything leaving the bay has to travel over your bait. It's near impossible for it to avoid spotting it. Think next time I'm here I'll be back on Jamie's Active Bait Nutty Jaffa's because I'm running out of idea's and I've had this bait work before.

As always a nice fishery, a cracking 24hours. Just needed a fish or two.