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Elvington Fisheries - York

Website: www.elvingtonfisheries.co.uk
Lake Cottage, Wheldrake Lane, Elvington, York, YO41 4AZ, 01904 607504

Course fishing £6 for one rod, £7 for two.

Elvington Fishery is a day ticket water, two minutes round the corner from Elvington Airfield near York. You leave the roundabout of the A64, enter Elvington and after the airfield business park its the next right. Follow the road for about a mile and half and it's on your right. Unless you are camping, you park on the grass outside the main gates on the right. Dont park on the grass immediately next to the gate, go between the tree's. Day ticket anglers can enter the complex at 06:45 but be quiet as campers are still sleeping. You can't cast in until 7am. The pegs on the bank as you enter look really nice. On the far side there's a jetty which serves well as a double for two anglers. The pegs down the narrow path are fishable but not in great condition. They could do with some work to tidy them up, add gravel/bark and levelling a touch. That said, it's obvious the owners have spent money to have tree surgeons cut back branches to ensure casting isn't obstructed. Elvington Fishery is a single, large lake in the shape of an L and is so large that you don't have to worry about people on opposite banks casting into your swim. The lake is very quiet and relaxing. There are toilets on site and showers, not that day ticket anglers would need a shower. There's a mix of course fish in the pond, but due to the size, people don't neccessarily deploy match angler tactics, instead going for larger carp at 20lb+ and also the many catfish in the lake, one of which weighed at 50lb+.

Earnies reviews of Elvington Fisheries;

Elvington Fisheries

5am Start this morning. No idea how I managed to get up on time today. Bags all packed the night before, Dwarf rods flung into the car fully set up. I went to pick Richard up and his mum and dad jumped in their car, all four of us hoping to blow away the cobwebs and have a strong days fishing. We trundled up the A64 to York at a leisurely pace and arrived at the complex bang on opening time.

We found suitable pegs round the far side of the lake. Myself and Richard took a jetty next to the chicken coup, something we'd come to regret later on as the birds kept jumping te fence. His parents started round the corner to the left but with the unusually cold wind hammering away at them they moved round to the right of us where it was slightly warmer and sheltered. I cast a rod close to my right on Nutty Jaffa Boilie and fed the swim up but within a couple of hours figured the noise ourselves and the chickens were making would be scaring any fish away so cast it back out towards the centre of the lake, joining my other rod which was on single worm. At around 10am I had a slow take that just didn't seem normal. I waited a while hoping the line would suddenly start tearing off the reel but a few seconds later decided to strike the slow run anyway. Nothing there. Must have been a small fish grabbing the end of the worm. Disappointing but that's the way it goes sometimes. I fed the swims up with pre-soaked pellets, started casting worms out and slowly reeling in, trotting the hook length slowly back towards me over and over, went searching other area's with the rod on boilie. No matter what I did I couldn't seem to find the fish. I wasn't the only one. From 7am until 1:30pm we saw a chap opposite pull a fish to 2-3lb in, the fish lost in the huge specimen landing net. A lady walked round claiming a young lad in the corner had bagged a 2lb crucian. Other than that, everyone on the lake looked to be struggling. We saw people on feeder, Richards mum went for silvers and carp in the margins on the pole, there were the usual boilie tactics, myself on worm, and someone casting a spod/spom. It appeared we'd turned up on a day where the lake just hadn't switched on. Frustration seemed to get the better of us and at 1:30 we called it a day. It just wasn't happening today. I think the lake in warmer weather could produce decent catches, however the shape, size and stock in the lake in my view lends its self to night fishing, however it's a day ticket water with no night fishing allowed. I'd probably come back for a day session here but it would have to be a mid-week red hot day to try stack the odds in my favour.

Quick round up of the venue; mixed stock with carp into 20's and cats into 30's-50's. The lady collecting money seemed nice, the lake has toilets but no catering so bring a pack up. Some of the pegs are very nice especially the ones on the bank as you come in, but many around the path on the back of the lake could do with some work to firm and level them up a bit. Maybe just a good tidy up and some bags of gravel throwing down. Wildlife can be a slight nuisance depending where you are fishing however the highlight of the day came right at the end where a female duck and its partner sat on Richards peg, dried off and without a second thought, the female squeezed a nice green duck egg out which Richard had to move to the grass verge to save it from being walked on. Anyone who claims child birth is painful or hard work, I now know a duck that would dispute your claim. Nice to see eggs at Easter!