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Carpvale Doubles - York

Website: www.carpvale.com
Off A64 immediately after dual carriageway merges back to one lane at Malton.

Day Permits Monday-Thursday £10 - Night Fishing £20.

Carpvale Doubles is a well established 3.5 acre lake, formerly a trout lake, converted in 2008 to a Carp Lake and now stocked annually with carp above 10lb from Carpvale Fisheries own stock. The lake holds Mirror Carp to 27lb, Common Carp to 30lb and Ghost Carp to 23lb. I saw several Carp topping and witnessed an absolute slab of a fish leap out of the water twice near the main entrance so I fully believe in the weights quoted. An angler who I got chatting with on my first visit here claimed to have landed a 25lb Catfish last year so I've no reason to doubt the 31.12 lb Catfish quoted on Carpvales website either. If it's your first time travelling to Carpvale Doubles, if you come from York, stay on the A64 and just after the dual carriageway section merges to one lane after Malton, 100 yards on the left there's a large building with small industrial units attached. Pull in here and the entrance to the lake is behind the units. Despite clear instructions on the website and on the phone, it's very easy to drive past. If you reach the Ham and Cheese pub tucked away on the right, you've gone too far. Carpvale Doubles is very easy on the eye. You enter into a wooded forrest, through the tall skinny trees, and if you've gone left on entry, stumble upon some very nicely barked out pegs which will ensure your gear stays nice and clean. The pegs are deep enabling you to set the rods up at the front and put a bivvy at the back to stay out of the fishes sight. Plenty of space to walk about without tripping up, even with a two man bivvy.

All swims have great marginal features around the lake edge. It looks as if when re-designing the lake in 2008 the owners have purposely planted bullrushes or similar looking plants around the border in the shallows. Looks very well thought out and rather expensive to install. Each peg also has an island section to aim at, again with tree features coming out of the water or more bullrushes to target and carp that are holding up.

My only suggestion on this otherwise stunning complex is try find a lead weight that is smooth and probably no more than 2-2.5oz. When reeling in, my weight grabbed big clumps of very soft grassy weed which although shoook off very easily, I can image won't help you in pulling in fish. I didn't snag but it added weight. Keep it light and if the lead isn't being dumped, the fish should be able to carry it back to you through the water instead of dragging the bed. The water in the complex looks very blue suggesting the owners have identified and are treating the weed, which again is a sign of a well run fishery, ensuring the paying public get the best experience for their money possible.

Earnies reviews of Carpvale Doubles;

Carpvale Doubles

Wow, what a nice place to spend the next 24hrs.
I'm always wary about trying a new venue. I have limited time and funds for fishing so when I get out I want to know my money is going to return me a memorable trip. I don't have that issue now I've arrived at Carpvale Doubles.

We walked through the gates and arrived on peg A, which was one of the nicest looking pegs I've ever had the joy of fishing off. I put my bivvy down. Richard asked if we should have a look around the rest of the lake before settling, but when I see something I want, I tend to hover round it until I get what I want. The Mrs will tell you that whenever we go shopping and I see clothing I like. I felt as if I was forcing Richards hand so agreed to go for a walk. We stopped at B, and walked to the end of the peg. Good cut out in the island to go to. Splash! Right where we were looking a carp in the late teens broke the surface and belly flopped back into the water. Since we'd found the fish, A and B it was.

I set a rod up on the margin using Nash Coconut Creme boilies in a pva bag, and a matching pop up. I cast out, happy with my position. Went onto the next rod and created a rig around 5ft long to float a Sonubait Oily floater on the surface, trying to get carp into the swim and once there, keep loose feeding either bread or more pellets. Oh dear. One of my bank sticks had fallen out of my bag somewhere. I quickly fashioned a stick out of a broken branch which did rather well over the 24hrs. It wasn't long before I had to abandon the pellet and go for a short rig with Nash product. There weren't many ducks, but the ones that were present thought it was dinner time and wouldn't stop going for my bait. For their safety and my sanity I put the bait under water.

I started putting the bivvy up. Snap! Pole broke. Fed Up!!
I'd already broken a pole the other month and ordered spare parts from TF Gear but hadn't fit them. This pole had snapped on the same side leaving my bivvy looking about as stable as a jelly. Up it went anyway. Bad things come in three's. Got my camera out for some pictures for the website. Took a few snaps then got a memory error. SD card was back home still plugged into my pc. As I write this I'm struggling to get the images off the camera's internal memory.

Forgetting my mishaps I return to the fishing. After three hours I had a run. The alarm beeped three times slowly but I struck anyway. It sounded odd and the reason being that the fish was slowly swimming towards me instead of away. It felt odd because you couldn't be certain it was still on as there were few knocks or pulls from the fish. It ran under my other rod and aimed for a snag to my left. Richard moved the other rod while I kept light tension, hoping for the fish to return to open water. The fish seemed a decent teen perhaps because I couldn't turn it using the rod. It seemed stronger so I let it do what it needed to do, hoping to see it return to the middle of the lake and have a go at tiring it. I felt three jolts back through the rod and it went light. The fish had got free. I reeled in and saw the hook length snapped off at the hook. I either underestimated the size of the fish or I need to find a new hook length material. It was frustrating but I wasn't a broken man yet. It was early days and we thought we might still land something over the next 21hrs.

Over the next eighteen hours myself and Richard both had random beeps from the alarms. Some just single knocks, some three or four beeps but the line staying fairly tight but still. One of Richards rods got taken out by a duck swooping in to land in the middle of the night. We were seeing fish topping regularly, but we couldn't seem to get them to feed. Just before packing down I had another run from the right hand margin. It put up a steady fight and took a few minutes to bring in, trying to dart towards any cover or snag it could see. A nice mirror carp landed and weighed at 12lb.

Relieved to have caught, but surprised at how hard it was considering the number of fish we saw jump out of the water.
It's a water I'll definitely be returning to because just off of the A64 it's only an hour to get to and quite a nice drive with cafe's on the way. Lovely venue and really nice pegs. The lake seemed to have its regulars walking around or fishing too, who just like the bailiff were more than happy to share tips with us. Wish I'd visited the venue a year or two earlier. Feel that I've been missing out on a little gem.